About us

EMP Recycling is a responsible and efficient waste recycling company active since 1999. Our main business activities comprise waste purchasing, collection, recycling and trade of secondary raw materials.

EMP Recycling is biggest electronic waste recycling company in the Baltic states and is one of the 10 companies in Europe with WEEELABEX certificates for such a wide flow of electronic waste management categories. Together with our clients, employees and the society, we develop a modern and universal system for waste sorting and recycling. We strive to turn waste into high-quality raw materials, return them to the cycle of the circular economy and to maintain a clean environment for future generations.

Our existing facilities and technologies allow recycling of:

  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE);
  • Non-ferrous metal scrap;
  • Catalyst waste.

We recycle waste to produce secondary raw materials used in many industries worldwide!

Take a tour of EMP Recycling plant processes: