About us

EMP Recycling is a responsible and cutting-edge electronic waste recycling company established in 1999, and based in Lithuania. Our core business is buying, collecting, recycling, and recovering raw materials. We are the leaders in our field – that is what makes us unique. Our driving force is leadership and recycling efficiency. Our solutions and activities are geared towards finding value in electronics and metal waste. We draw from our expertise and look for new solutions to guarantee the smooth and value-adding recycling of electronics and metals, with dedicated attention to our customers, nature, and the environment.

EMP Recycling has 9 waste collection points throughout Lithuania. We also offer the Waste Taxi: a free collection of electronics, household appliances, and metal waste from all major Lithuanian cities.

Our ambitions

We have the knowledge, experience, optimism, and will to find ever better solutions for waste management, establishing ourselves as the leader in the highest-value recycling category. We do not want to adhere to the prevailing standards; we want to create the standards the whole market will follow. We are creating the recycling standards we want to see in the world.

Take a closer look of EMP Recycling plant processes: