Recycling WEEE

The amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment is increasing rapidly every year. It is now one of the fastest growing waste streams. Electrical and electronic equipment waste includes all large and small household appliances, IT equipment and other equipment that works with wires, cables, battery or accumulator. These wastes consist of various hazardous substances that pollute the environment as well as various metals used in their production which can be reused many times if properly recycled.

EMP Recycling is the largest waste recycling company in the Baltic States that collects, sells and recycles waste electrical and electronic equipment. 

EMP Recycling is among the TOP 10 companies in Europe that have waste treatment certifications following the highest standards for such a wide range of electronics. We are the only ones in the Baltic countries that recycle refrigerators and one of the few in Europe that recycles refrigerator compressors.

We sort the electronic waste extracted at the plant waste and distribute to separate recycling lines:

  • Sorting and manual dismantling line.
  • TV dismantling line.
  • Shredding line of small electronics.
  • Refrigerator recycling line.
  • Sorting and shredding line of oversized waste.
  • Cable recycling line.

After recycling, secondary raw materials such as copper, brass, aluminum and others go to smelting facilities all over the world for production of new products, while plastics, freon, batteries and others go to recycling plants in Europe for final processing.

In our daily activities, we strive to turn waste into high-quality raw materials, return them to the cycle of the circular economy and to maintain a clean environment for future generations.