Analysis of catalysts


The company applies the following methods to analyze structure of the used catalysts:


  • specifying analysis
  • chemical analysis.


Specifying analysis is frequently applied for prompt determination of type of structure of the catalyst used (palladium or platinum) and also for determination of approximate amount of precious metals.
This analysis requires x-ray fluorescent spectrometer (analyzer) “Niton”. The given device is portable, mobile and suitable for outside use.





Chemical analysis requires a fixed-site advanced laboratory, special equipment, corresponding technologies and experts qualified in the given area.
For purposes of chemical analysis, a specialist needs to grind the catalyst, take a sample correctly and perform the analysis according to corresponding (ICP-OES) method.

 Lentelė – Prices for precious metals at stock exchanges

Prices for precious metals at stock exchanges
Gold (Au)0 €/g
Silver (Ag)0 €/g
Platinum (Pt)0 €/g
Palladium (Pd)0 €/g
Rhodium (Rh)0 €/g