Nonferrous and other metals pricelist (ex VAT)


Pavadinimas €/kg
Aluminum scrap, energetic wires 1.10
Aluminum scrap, tense0.52
Food aluminum scrap (clean)0.73
Food aluminium scrap0.63
Aluminum scrap, taint tabor0.42
Aluminum scrap, turnings0.33
Aluminum scrap, UBC0.40
Aluminum scrap, profiles0.88
Aluminum scrap, ISO profiles0.72
Aluminum scrap, wheels1.03
Aluminum scrap, radiators0.31
Aluminium radiators from auto (clean)0.41
Irony alumium (High attachemnt content)0.12
Aluminuym radiators with copper tubes1.40
Copper scrap millberry4.50
Copper scrap 3.99
Copper scrap, turnings/Shavings2.90
Auto cables with connectors1.75
Auto cables with auto fuse boxes1.10
Copper cables 30% Cu content0.40
Copper cables 30-45% Cu content0.85
Copper cables 45+ % Cu content1.35
Copper transformers0.23
Mixed motor scrap0.30
Fridge compressors scrap0.21
TV Yokes0.90
Tv Degauss cable1.34
Alternators scrap0.45
Starters scrap0.32
Brass scrap honey2.70
Brasss scrap turnings2.00
Brass radiators scrap2.00
Auto fuse boxes, scrap0.23
Auto Computer Eec0.50
Bronze scrap3.00
Zinc scrap0.65
lead scrap0.87
Auto batteries scrap0.46
Lead scrap, weights from wheels0.19
Stainlesss steel scrap 10% Ni0.79
Stainless steel scrap 10% Ni 2-3% Mo0.85
Stainless steel scrap 8% Ni0.60
Stainless steel scrap, turnings0.45
Ferrous metal 3A0.16
Ferrous metal 12A0.13
Printed circuit boards from mobile phones18.24
Printed circuit board from computers A14.04
Printed circuit board from computers B12.54
Mixed printed circuit boards0.40
Ceramic processors 5.00
Ceramic processors, gold plated contacts55.00
Ceramic processors, gold cap90.00
Textolite processors, black55.00
Textolite processors, green, brown20.00
Gold plated RAM20.00
Silver plated RAM10.00
Gold contacts, soviet300.00
Soviet ceramic capacitors green600.00
Soviet ceramic capacitors brown, red, orange500.00
Soviet plastic capacitors 120.00
Other capacitors50.00
Silver off contactor's and circuit breakers pull magnet240.00
Silver off contactor's and circuit breakers not pull magnet170.00
Ceramic, metal microchips with gold120.00
Plastic microchips soviet35.00
Ceramic, metal microchips4.00
Potentiometer pp3 soviet50.00
Potentiometer sp5 soviet45.00
Transistor metal with gold110.00
Transistor plastic with gold15.00
Transistor KT 803, 80818.00
Various transistors, potentiometers, microchips and other parts1.50