Recycling and utilization

We have been in the business since 1999

During the twenty years of operation, EMP Recycling has acquired and produced several production facilities for the recycling of various waste products to separate as many different products as possible, namely:

  • Recycling facilities for cables and other wires;
  • Presses for non-ferrous metals and plastic;
  • Shredders for electronics and components;
  • Manual dismantling lines for electronic equipment;
  • Sorting and shredding line of oversized waste;
  • Shredding mills for catalysts;
  • The only refrigerator recycling plant in the Baltic States;
  • Sampling and analysis laboratory for various substances.

All these facilities allow:

  • Recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE);
  • Recycling of non-ferrous and ferrous metal scrap;
  • Recycling of vehicle parts scrap;
  • Recycling of catalyst waste;
  • Recovery and disposal of various equipment and other materials;
  • All the above processes are carried out in the plant located in Vilnius region.





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