Quality and Environmental Policy

EMP’s vision

To become an innovative and advanced waste management system in Lithuania and the best company for our clients, employees and shareholders by providing an extensive range of superior waste management services and increasing the company’s value and employees’ satisfaction. To remain the most prominent company for electronic recycling in the Baltic States.

EMP’s mission

Together with our clients, employees and the society, while protecting and nurturing the environment and developing a modern and universal system for waste sorting and recycling, we strive to turn waste into high-quality raw materials and maintain a clean environment for future generations.

EMP’s goals

  • To develop and implement a modern and universal system for waste sorting and recycling in the light of the circular economy principles, complying with the requirements of recycling standards.
  • To deploy and use clean and advanced technologies, equipment and operation methods.
  • To recover raw materials (products) that are as clean as possible and of the highest quality.
  • To educate and encourage society to take care of environmental ecology and save natural resources.
  • By compiling data and analysing the current situation and prospects to improve the management system leading to quick and fair business decisions.
  • To become a role model for others in the area of the appropriate use of waste resulting in recovery and reuse of secondary raw materials in the production of new products.

EMP’s objectives

  • To follow the applicable legal requirements and standards and fulfil obligations for clients and business partners.
  • To promote sustainable use of natural resources and reduce the impact of the company’s activities on the environment, preventing pollution and hazardous incidents.
  • To systematically monitor the quality of products and processes, to maintain the qualification of the employees.
  • To encourage employees and partners to contribute to the implementation of the company’s Quality and Environmental Policy and the fulfilment of its obligations.

We are aware of THE VALUE OF WASTE. We speak AGAINST modern landfills but FOR advanced and environmentally friendly recycling technologies.