EMP Recycling together with Elemental Holding group defines rigorous standards in the fields of employment, health and safety, as well as fundamental rights.

We make every effort to protect the natural environment and minimize our environmental impact through the reduction of energy consumption, emissions, pollution, noise and waste.

We demand that all activities, both internal and external, are strictly compliant with all generally applicable law, principles of social coexistence and established habits.

We welcome diversity and create equal opportunities for all. We treat all team members with dignity and respect. No discrimination is allowed at any stage in terms of race, nationality, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, trade union membership or political beliefs.

Our priority is to provide all team members with a safe working environment. We take every possible measure to prevent accidents or health damage at work.

We cooperate with business partners and local communities in a way that is fair, transparent and respectful. We keep particular transparency and honesty in relations with public administration and non-governmental organizations.

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Code of ethics
HR management Strategy
HR Management Policy
Antimobbing Policy
Anti-Corruption Policy
Environmental Management startegy

Employees, partners and stakeholders of Emp Recycling are encouraged to report violations of the Policies by this e-mail: compliance@elemental.biz.

Received Reports are examined and responses to the persons who submitted the report are prepared according to the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and The Whistleblowing procedure of the Elemental Holding Capital Group.

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Whistleblowing procedure
Information clause

Fill the forms here: 

Anonymous form for internal report of irregularities
For internal report of irregularities
Report of mobbing, discrimination, or harassment

ESG Report

The ESG report for 2021 is the first publication in the history of Elemental Holding Capital Group that comprehensively presents our Group’s approach to the issue of sustainable development.
Lear more about Elemental Holding group ESG Report for 2021:

ESG Report_2021